Working from Home and Staying Fit

More people than ever before are choosing to work from home. In this day and age of internet communication and instant, fast connections, many jobs do not require the employee to travel to the office every day, so working from home saves both time and money. Also, the digital world has opened up the market to many freelance opportunities; outsourcing is becoming more popular for some areas of commerce, and people are taking the opportunity to work from a home office.

All of this is great, but there is one problem associated with working from home: laziness, and as a result, a lack of exercise! It’s all too easy to settle back in your home office and never bother to go out even for a walk, so you tend to put on a little weight! The answer is to have something at home that encourages you to take a break occasionally throughout the day to exercise, and we reckon the answer is to buy your own pull up bars.

Find the Right Space

Before we talk a little more about pull up bars, let’s consider where you can put them! The thing is, as you are utilising your spare space for an office, you need to make sure you have somewhere that is convenient. Now, pull up bars don’t need a lot of space, but some of the exercises performed using them might. This is why you need to look for suitable space, and we suggest somewhere behind a door. Now, that might sound like an odd idea, but in fact you can find door pull up bar set ups and they are very convenient, and also not expensive.

You might also want to consider wall-mounted models, as they are very convenient and surprisingly affordable, too. In fact, pull up bars of all kinds can be used in some compact spaces, but you must ensure you have the best available space in which to perform your chosen exercises.

Using Pull Up Bars

Now, the fact remains that while pull up bars are among the simplest of gym equipment, they are also among the most versatile, with a whole range of impressive and effective exercises that can be performed to great effect. Simple chin-ups are the preferred routine for many and make for a great lunch-break routine, and help tone many different muscles throughout the body at the same time. The fact you are using your own bodyweight to perform the exercise helps, and you will soon find you get into the swing of things.

You should plan to exercise a few times during the day – sitting down all day is not good for the body and will leave you stiff if you don’t get up every now and again – and if you are a beginner, tale the time to get used to using pull up bars as it can be difficult at first. So, stay fit and enjoy all the benefits of working from home – what’s not to like!



Meredith Weisser

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