The Academy

If you have been reading through The Glass Jungle you have likely noticed that I make a few mentions of The Digital Nomad Academy. You’re probably asking yourself just what that is. If so, you’ve come to the right place, as here I will be explaining what the academy does, why it was formed and what it has to offer to people who are interested in starting their careers as freelancers and remote workers.

What Is The Digital Nomad Academy?

Simply put, the Digital Nomad Academy is the best place for budding freelancers to learn about all of the challenges they will face in pursuing their new careers and, more importantly, what they need to know to overcome those challenges so that they can find the success they strive for.

The academy is an online resource that offers you a number of course options. You can choose to study specific modules, such as Client Relationships, Building Portfolios, or Remote Working Tools. Alternatively, you can also subscribe to our Jungle Nomad Academy course, which is exclusive to The Glass Jungle website and covers every topic that prospective freelancers need to learn about to make the most out of the freedom that escaping the office life has to offer.

Why Was The Academy Created?

There are a few reasons why I formed The Digital Nomad Academy, so let’s take a look at the main three:

  1. When I started my own journey into freelancing I often found it difficult to find information that would help me along the way. I ended up trawling through dozens, maybe even hundreds, of blogs and websites to find advice and tools that I could use in my career. The academy aims to bring all of that under one roof so you don’t need to waste time on searching that you could be spending on moving your career forward.
  2. Finding work is another major issue for new freelancers. It takes time to build a reputation, particularly online, and those first few months can be pretty barren when it comes to volume. The academy aims to remedy this by providing all students with access to remote work and information on where to go to build portfolios, develop their reputations and find clients who are willing to pay them what they are worth for the work that they do.
  3. There are so many benefits to working remotely that both potential freelancers and their clients often don’t understand. Freedom in your work life is important, plus working remotely means potential clients can save a lot of money while still gaining access to your expertise. The academy aims to highlight the many benefits that remote working can have for both freelancers and clients, while also teaching people how to make sure these benefits come to the fore during their careers.

The Community

Each person who joins up with the Digital Nomad Academy becomes part of a community of freelancers and remote workers who want to help each other succeed. The Glass Jungle is an extension of that community and has become the place to be for those who want to share their stories and advice with others.

The community allows you to build connections with people who are at all stages of the freelancing journey. You will meet people who are just starting out alongside you, and those who have been freelancing for a number of years. All have something valuable to share with you, just as you do with them. Building this community and ensuring it works for everybody is one of my main goals.

Why A Freelancing Course?

There are so many structured courses out there for different professions, but there is very little that teaches you about the specific challenges you will face as a freelancer. Sure, you can take a couple of business courses to help with some of it, but a focused program is not really available anywhere else.

The Digital Nomad Academy has created a program that has been built from my own experiences. This means it covers everything you need to know to find success as a remote worker.

Our main program is the Jungle Nomad Academy course, which brings together a lot of the advice you will find on this very site and structures it, alongside a wealth of new information, to ensure you enjoy the best start to your freelancing career possible. You can find out more on the Start Here page.

The Digital Nomad Academy also offers a number of other courses that can help you work on specific areas.

Get In Touch

So whether you’re new to the world of freelancing or you have been trying to break through and develop a client base while working remotely for a number of years, the Digital Nomad Academy can help you. Just use one of the contact forms on the site or email me at to find out more.