About GCJ

The concept behind Glass City Jungle is simple. It is intended to provide you with everything you need to know so that you can enjoy success in living and working remotely. The blog plays host to everything from basic advice about how to get started and what you need to have in your home office to work as a virtual assistant, through to more complex subjects, such as covering the sorts of jobs that you might be expected to complete in such a role.

The Story

My name is Meredith Weisser and I am a virtual assistant who currently calls Frankfurt, Germany home. I entered into the career almost by accident while searching for a consultancy position. I had always wanted to work freelance and my previous career had offered me the opportunity to develop the skills I would need to provide quality advice to other businesses. Originally I started looking for roles within companies, but I found that the scope for my word was fairly limited due to having to stay in Frankfurt.

That’s when I started reading up on the concept of working remotely and developed an understanding of the benefits. I found that I would be able to make my own hours and offer myself access to a larger pool of potential clients due to not dealing with the physical and location-based limitations that would be imposed on me in a more traditional consultancy role.

It took a little bit of time but I am delighted to say that I have now made a success of my career to the point where I’m in a position to provide advice to others.

Why Glass City Jungle?

I chose the name Glass City Jungle because that’s how I envision the general concept of working remotely. Practically all of us have computers, creating the metaphorical “glass city”, while the jungle part relates to the struggles I and others have dealt with in trying to carve out careers working remotely.

It is the latter issue that I hope to help visitors to my site with. This blog plays host to a ton of advice that has been created by looking back on the experiences I have enjoyed and endured during my career working as a virtual assistant. In particular, I want to ensure this site offers people information that I didn’t have available to me when I started out, thus making the transition from traditional office roles into remote working smoother.

The Digital Nomad Academy

To do this, I have formed the Digital Nomad Academy, which is essentially a company that teaches you how to free yourself from the shackles of office work and unleash your potential through working remotely.

The academy covers everything from getting set up and finding your first clients, through to the sorts of computer programs that will help you succeed. It also offers general advice, such as how to keep you motivation levels high without having a boss looming over you every second of the day and how to maintain strong relationships with clients you may never actually meet.

The main Jungle Nomad Academy course takes much of the information that you can find on this site and concentrates it into a four-week program that equips you with the tools and skills you need to find success.

My Vision For The Future

I see a future where more and more people make the decision to try their hands at working remotely. The benefits are immeasurable and it makes for an excellent career choice for those who struggle to maintain the balance between work and life due to long commutes and rigid office hours.

As for this site, I hope to expand it further to increase awareness of the Digital Nomad Academy and share useful information while also making it a place where people can read reviews of relevant products and software so they can get started with their own careers.

Welcome To The Jungle – Meredith Weisser