What are the differences between the major types of paper bags on the market today?

Paper bags come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and they have a variety of different applications. This wide variety of choice brings about the unenviable task of working out which option is best for your business. Here’s our guide on the different types of bags and what uses they have.

  1. Mailing paper bags

If your business regularly sends products and documents to customers, it is worth considering the investment in high-quality packaging. In this regard, collaborating with a wholesale packaging supplier can be advantageous as they can provide you with the required paper mailing bags at affordable prices.

  • Party paper bags

At children’s parties, many still look forward to having some freebies and toys that they can take away from the party as mementoes. The party bag can just as much a part of the gift. Get some colourful ones to stand out from the crowd.

  • Recycled paper bags

Whilst paper bags are an inherently environmentally friendly product one of the ways that their impact can be further reduced is through making them from recycled paper. These can produce an end product that is just as robust as standard paper bags with added sustainability.

  • Shopping paper bags

Paper shopping bags are becoming very popular in many of the different supermarkets on our high streets. Morrison’s are the latest of the big supermarkets to start offering exclusively paper bags in their stores. If you are a retail store having good quality paper bags will ensure your customers view your business in the correct light. 

  • Takeaway paper bags 

With food delivery services now one of the main ways we order takeaways, many restaurants are starting to use paper bags as their preferred delivery method. This is because they contain the heat better than their plastic counterparts.

Look for a company who can supply a wide range of quality paper bags

Paper bag manufacturers now provide a large range of bags in different specifications which makes it harder to work out which option is best for your business. To get the perfect bag for you make sure you go with a paper bag supplier that involves you at every stage of the manufacturing process.



Meredith Weisser

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