Reduce, Reuse, Revive Your Vibe in DC

Attending the Reducetarian Summit 2019 in Washington, DC this September? This summit will last over three days at The Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel. You’ll get to explore different ideas and concepts from people all over the world. The Reducetarian Summit brings people together to come up with ways to reduce societal consumption of animal products and put an end to factory farming.

Since you’ll be in Washington DC, you want to make time for some fun, too. Saving the planet can be pretty serious work. If you haven’t seen the monuments and museums, then you should include them in your plans. Since most business trips don’t allow room for sightseeing tours, the city is filled with plenty of free historical sites that are easy to visit. Here are some ways to plan for your upcoming trip.

Research the Destination

If you’ve never been to the Washington, DC–Arlington, VA area before, it’s important to do your research. Even by itself, Washington, DC is one of the biggest cities in the country. Be sure to stay prepared, plan ahead, and you’re sure to have a great time.

Get ready with an Itinerary

The itinerary is actually one of the most important components of your trip. It gives you all of the details about your trip. You’ll want to have a complete understanding of the entire trip, even when the unexpected happens. The itinerary should include the hotel address, transportation times, travel reservations, and names of the people you’re meeting at the Summit.

Keeping a good itinerary will help you to make room for some fun on your trip. You don’t want your trip to be filled with back-to-back business meetings, corporate lunches, and events. Seeing things with a bird’s eye view will help you stay organized and fit in everything you want to do – recreation included. You can use an online template or mobile app to create your itinerary for free. Some of these online tools allow you to share your travel details with your colleagues so everyone is on the same page.

Alternatively, if you feel like it’ll be too much of an effort to plan the itinerary on your own, then you can take the help of a dc tours and transportation guide. This will be fun and a great time to unwind especially if you’re traveling to the summit with a large group of people. This option can be a viable one if you’re feeling too exhausted from attending the summit and instead, you want a recreational activity that’s already pre-planned.

Get Prepared

You want to arrive prepared in Washington DC so you can take on the summit. That means creating a packing list and to-do list of the things you need to do before arriving at your destination. You should also have a print-out map in case your GPS or navigational app fail you. Sometimes mapping the route from the airport to the hotel can be beneficial, too.

Will you use public transportation? Or, do you plan to use the free shuttle from the hotel? Make sure you have all of the gadgets you need to ensure that the summit is a successful one. This is important whether you’re the speaker or the attendee. For example, battery chargers and energy packs are a must, especially when you’re using multiple devices. You don’t want to be stuck looking for a charging station.

Bring all of your necessities with you in your carry-on bag unless you’re on an extended stay. And even in that case, you should keep some of the essentials within reach at all times, such as your medication. You should also pack an emergency kit and keep it in your luggage leading up to your trip. This could include some bandages, pain reliever, and copies of your travel documents.

Choose Your Accommodations

Getting professionally ready for your business trip is half of the work. The other half involves making accommodations and packing right.

Choosing the right hotel for your needs is important. There are many great hotels in Arlington, VA for attending the Summit. The first choice is the Crystal Gateway Marriott, where the Reducetarian Summit is actually being held. It’s a popular hotel in its own right, with lots of attractions nearby and decent amenities available for all travelers.

The Hyatt Place Arlington/Courthouse Plaza is another hotel that’s close by and affordable. Not only does the Hyatt occasionally offer discounts and member rates, but there are other offers. You can also join the Double Your Points program to save on your room. The Hyatt hotel offers numerous amenities, including a 24/7 gym and business center, and is within walking distance to many area restaurants and attractions. Visit their website to see what else they can provide for you.

Dress Appropriately

Whether you plan to travel by yourself or with colleagues, you shouldn’t wear a cocktail dress or a three-piece suit on the plane. You’ll want to wear something that’s appropriate yet comfortable – think something that resists wrinkles, breathes well, but still looks good. Determine the sleeping arrangements before your trip. For example, if you’re sharing a room with someone, remember to bring lounge pants and pajamas so you can relax and sleep comfortably.



Meredith Weisser

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