4 Reasons Branded Paper Bags Are Ideal for Branding on a Budget

Most businessowners understand the importance of branding, but too many still think it isn’t something they can afford. When you think of ‘branding’, it’s easy to bring up 6 figure sums and imagine conference rooms full of advertising executives, but the truth is you can kick start your own branding efforts simply by investing in branded paper bags.

Here are just four reasons why it’s a great idea. 

1. Low Cost Investment 

The most obvious benefit in favour of branded paper bags is that they don’t cost very much. Even with a custom design you can order several hundred without making too large a dint in your budget. This makes them a very economical investment, especially since you were probably going to need bagging options anyway. And if you really can’t afford printed bags, you can always use sticker printing services to print stickers that you then stick onto blank bags yourself.

2. Low Risk Investment 

Paper bags aren’t just a low-cost investment – they’re also a low risk investment. Some branding opportunities don’t cost much but also depend on garnering attention from only a few people. Paper bags can be provided for just about every customer, and they’re statistically going to make an impact on at least a few of them. There’s less sense of an ‘all or nothing’ effort. 

3. Wide Reach

One of the best things about branding your paper bags is that they can stick around for a long time and capture the attention of many people. One paper bag can be seen by numerous people as the customer walks around, and any of those other people could then become a customer themselves. 

4. Fantastic Opportunities 

Finally, keep in mind that branded paper bags can be perfectly personalized around your business. You can select everything from attention-grabbing colours to interesting handles without adding much to the overall cost, so they represent an opportunity to firmly establish your identity or get creative.



Meredith Weisser

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