Web Design: Top Tips For Novice Small Business Web Designers

When speaking in terms of small business, web designing often falls upon the shoulders of the entrepreneur who founded the organization. Startup businesses do not typically have the financial resources to hire the most skilled web designers, and they are left to fend for themselves.

Luckily, the internet is a wide opened book of information. Individuals have the ability to learn almost anything they choose. Check out a few of the best tips that will assist the novice small business web designer build a successful web presence.

The almighty homepage

The homepage of a website is most definitely one of the most important aspects of any website. When web users land on a landing page, the designer of that page has only a few seconds to become interesting before users move on to the next website.

Designers must be crafty. For example, if they were to be creating a website for a company that provides funeral home services, the designer must aptly select designs that are best suited for the industry. They can, however, reach out to experts (such as the ones at WebCitz) and take inspiration on how they curate content for each sector. Doing so can help to research the proper usage of spacing and white space. There are also several specific color coordination schemes that tend to be a bit more eye-catching than others.

Products and services information

The products and services information offered on a website is critical to the follow through rates of users. If the products and services are not clearly defined, then users have no way to decide that they “need” anything the page has to offer.

The designer is burdened with the task of showing users how the company’s products and services could benefit whoever may be reading. Take a look at a well made products page. This website made certain to be precise, and show visual representations of their products for all to see.

The “Contact Us” section

The “Contact Us” part of a website is often underestimated. People need to feel connected to their businesses, and web builders should provide a clear opportunity for two-way communication. Quick and easy communication is refreshing to consumers. Try building an easy and interactive comments form.

The “About Us” section

The “About Us” section of a website is just as important to the company’s rapport with the community as the “Contact Us” portion of the site. People like knowing with whom they are conducting business. This is the tab where designers should show all of the company’s best and brightest contributions to the world.

Blog content draws interest

A website’s blog has the capability to draw in a wide variety of viewers, readers, and potential customers. It behooves designers to set up a well maintained blog presence. Enriching content is useful for building public awareness of the website. Avoid writing dull and bland articles simply to build content. Take the time to do it “write,” and watch the progress occur.



Meredith Weisser

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