Trade Show Booth Rentals Can Offer A Total Solution For Busy Exhibitors

Whether your company is planning a full-fledged fortress with conference rooms and a projection wall or a simple DIY set-up using portable display pieces, you may find that trade show booth rentals offer more options than you’d expect, and more support and service than you’d dare to hope. Working with a full service trade show house, you can create a completely unique exhibit that accurately reflects your branding and showcases your products perfectly. Using rental display offers significant cost savings over purchase, and saves you time and aggravation, too.

  • Design Service – Many exhibitors believe that rental display is going to be generic looking and that they will be largely left to the own devices to figure out design matters. In fact, a full service trade show supplier will offer complete design service for trade show booth rentals, so you can get advice and help for everything from choosing the right floor plan for your purposes to lighting and multimedia and merchandising.
  • Flexibility – After cost savings, the largest benefit to using trade show booth rentals is flexibility. Because you’re not purchasing the pieces you’re using for a given show, you can easily change from 10 x 10′ to 20 x 20′, or from an inline booth to a peninsula or island, depending on the market. Maybe there’s one key show where you want to set up a large retail display that you don’t want to use at the rest of your shows. Change the exhibit seasonally, to showcase a new product, or to fine-tune the traffic flow so the booth is more effective at achieving your objectives. Use what you need, when you need it, and you’re not involved in a long-term commitment.
  • Customization – Most of the pieces you will rent from a trade show company can be customized with graphics that unify the look of your display and broadcast your visual branding. Obviously, larger pieces like suspended display pieces and walls will feature custom graphics, but ask about smaller touches like graphical wraps for tables, counter bases, and workstations, too. If you’re designing a retail merchandise display, consider using the space behind the shelves for graphics that point out the features and benefits of your products. This design is important for you and your business, so you want to make it unique and stand out. If you are just starting out with selling your products, you might want to look into how a custom mailing box will help your business gain traction as people are looking for aesthetically pleasing packaging that will pique their interest. Tapping into this can help your business grow.
  • No-Hassle Logistics – Your trade show house should be able to arrange logistics from freight to drayage, install & dismantle (I&D), and return for you. This means your exhibit will arrive at the show venue, be ported to your booth space, and set up correctly and on time, without you taking any additional action, and not wasting your critical on-site time trying to manage those details. Ask for a guarantee of on-time and accurate set-up, so you don’t get stuck with nasty fines from the show venue for late opening. When the show is over, the I&D team will strike your exhibit and send it back to their warehouse, where it will be maintained and stored at their expense. Less stress, less expense, and less demand on your time.



Meredith Weisser

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