Passive Income Online

When working remotely, you have the added benefit of managing your own time and energy. In the office, your computer belongs to your boss and what you do with it is their business.

This inhibits your ability to secure passive income during the day. Passive income can be any source of income that requires significantly less active work to maintain than a regular job. Some look into ways of procuring ad revenue and others might manage their financial portfolios. Regardless, the goal is to get your savings to work for you so you can get the most money for your time.

Stock Trading and Crypto Currency

Investing is the gold standard for passive income. Buying stock or mutual funds is an effective  way of getting your money to work for you. Starting is tricky, but finding information on investing has never been easier. Once you get an idea for how the market works you should start looking into brokerages. There are mobile apps like Robinhood that make trading easier than ordering pizza. Mutual funds like Vanguard offer clients top notch brokerage services for any income in both high and low risk assets.

Cryptocurrency is an exciting new form of financial asset, the most famous of which is Bitcoin. Much like with traditional stocks cryptocurrencies can be bought and traded online with a few clicks. While the cryptomarkets function differently than traditional stocks, they share a lot of principles and present new opportunities for wealth. Digital asset brokers like Coinbase sell Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum while exchanges like Bittrex provide a marketplace for the exchange of these and other cryptocurrencies.

Generating Ad Revenue

Another pathway to passive income is to turn your interests into sources of ad revenue. By creating a youtube channel you can get paid for the views your videos get through the Youtube partner program or other advertising services. A few hours of work talking about or exploring interests you have already could become a serious source of passive income.

Along similar lines you can start a blog about your interests and host advertising. Views to your page become money in your bank account at your pace. Much like the above youtube venture, you can create a lasting source of income for no time at all. Some people own channels or blogs that bring in millions of dollars a year with employees and a thriving fan community.



Meredith Weisser

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