Follow These Tips to Make the Most of Your Bags for Life

Unlike single-use plastic bags, a bag for life can be used for years without ever starting to break apart, which makes them a big win for the environment. Of course, a bag for life that’s only used once or twice isn’t going to yield the same benefits, which means it’s crucial for shoppers to make the most of each one.

With that in mind, here are just a few tips to follow.

Keep Them Where You Need Them

One of the biggest reasons people buy bags for life that they don’t really need is that they don’t have the ones they’ve already picked up when they actually need them. The answer is simple: keep your bags for life where you need them most. Instead of sticking them in the cupboard, put them in the back of your car or fold one up in your jacket pocket so you always have them handy when you’re shopping, even when you didn’t expect to be.

Look for Cool Designs

It’s much easier to keep using an item when you actually like that item; if you have a cool bag for life, you’re more likely to keep using it than a generic one. When you’re picking yours out, look for cool branded designs that appeal to your sense of style. It might seem like a small concern, but it helps keep the bag in use instead of forgotten in the back of the pantry.

Look for Cool Materials

While a great bag design can certainly make a positive impact, you should also think about using a more interesting material. Most bags for life are made using stronger plastic than a single-use bag, but you can also find bags made of materials like canvas, jute, and cotton. These often feel nicer in the hand and encourage shoppers to keep using them.



Meredith Weisser

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