With restrictions easing, is it time to plan some team-building activities?

As COVID-19 restrictions are easing, now could be the perfect opportunity to plan some team building activities that will allow your employees to bond again. Employees in many businesses in the UK have been working remotely or have simply not been able to spend time together due to social distancing guidelines. Here is a look at how your team could benefit from engaging in outdoor team building activities.

What are the benefits of team-building activities?

Team building can be extremely beneficial for any team, whether you are an established group of people or if you are a newly formed team. It can be a simple fun outing with the team, or playing online games such as Magic : The Gathering using the MTG arena codes one has accumulated – it is up to the team to decide what suits them best. However, some of the benefits of team building activities include:

  • Forming and strengthening bonds between team members and managers.
  • Higher levels of employee productivity.
  • More creative and innovative thinking from team members.
  • Improved communication between team members.
  • Improvements in both physical and mental health.
  • Improved team morale.
  • More motivation among employees.
  • Improvements in the confidence and self-esteem of employees.
  • More trust between employees and between team members and their managers.

Outdoor team building activities are fun and safe

As social distancing measures ease, outdoor team building activities can still take precautions against COVID. Your team members are able to spend time together in a safe, outdoor setting.

Choose team-building activities that will be inclusive for all members of your team, regardless of their age or fitness level. From outdoor treasure hunts to immersive activity days, you can tailor your experience to bring your team together.

Something to look forward to

Remote, home-based working has become increasingly common during the pandemic as companies move away from the traditional office setting. However, home-based workers can face unique challenges such as burnout and isolation.

Bringing colleagues together to participate in outdoor team building activities can give them something to look forward to, to avoid these risk factors. These activities are an excellent way to give your staff a boost of morale and increase their engagement.

Get to know new employees

If they joined your business during the pandemic, some of your new company hires may have never been in the office. Giving them the opportunity to spend time with their team members in a fun and relaxed setting provides them with the perfect opportunity to get to know them properly.

Besides, if you want to build a strong team that consists of the new joinees as well, then these activities are the perfect time to bring them into the company culture and make them feel welcome. Such activities could also help you gauge their strengths and weaknesses to an extent, much like what a comprehensive strengths assessment would bring to the table, when looking at it from a work perspective. With team building activities in the picture, both fun and work can be accomplished!

With summer finally here and restrictions gradually lifting, there has never been a better time to get your employees, both old and new, involved in activities that will benefit them in the long and shorter terms.

To find out more about how outdoor team building activities can benefit your business, please get in touch with us at Team Tactics.



Meredith Weisser

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