When Digital Nomadism is More Than Just a Phase

If you’re this deep into the content on this blog then there’s no need to explain to you what a digital nomad is at this stage, so we’re not going to get into that. Instead, getting right into the meat of the matter, we’re going to discuss the dynamics around digital nomadism when this lifestyle of working remotely and travelling is exactly that, a lifestyle and not just a passing phase. It’s all good and well spending a couple to a few months on the road, snapping photos of yourself “working” at the beach with your laptop and then going back to your “normal” life with the digital nomad t-shirt added to your collection.

If it’s longevity you want out of your career as a digital nomad then you have to be a lot more committed to making the journey into a lifestyle you’ll never get tired of living, but more importantly, you’ll have to find ways to automate as many of the associated processes as possible. Granted, these days the dream of something like your Shopify drop-shipping store doing all the work for you while you live it up by the beach doesn’t quite translate into a practical reality. On some level you have to get involved to make sure the structures you would have built up are maintained and perhaps even grow and evolve. Perhaps you need to hire some employees to handle the orders placed by shoppers. Similarly, you may need to invest in a text messaging platform like Heymarket or a similar one that can organize orders and messages from customers. If you want to succeed with your enterprise, you will have to put in some effort.

Consolidating on the bread-and-butter

The most important aspect of maintaining a digital nomad career you can sustain and hopefully grow is finding a core income-generation channel, such as a product you sell or a service you render. The more automated the process is, the better, but you must take care of what brings in the bread-and-butter.

Once you’ve isolated a solid income generation mechanism then, as part of automating it into a business, you would be looking to consolidate. If you offer something like a copywriting service for instance, instead of doing all the writing yourself, is it perhaps possible to hire some remote writers to help you or even completely take over the technical side of proceedings? As you would probably know, rainmaking in the online income generation world takes up just about as much time and effort as the actual process of providing the core product or service offered.

So if your operation is fully kitted out with a business answering service and a client contact delivery process, that will free you up to be the rainmaker every digital nomad actually is by default.

Dynamically adding to your income channels

One of the biggest differences between digital nomads who succeed and those who bomb-out is that of the success stories driven by individuals who understand that they have to focus on finding clients and identifying buying markets first. This would be something you do as opposed to spending lots of your time, effort and money trying to master a specific skill or build a specific product. First find a market and then if you have to, outsource the subsequent creation of the product or solution to be delivered in exchange for payment.



Meredith Weisser

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