Web Design Trends to Help Improve Your Website

You can’t focus only on the appearance of your website if you want to attract people to navigate it and potentially buy your products and services. You also need to be aware of the latest trends that help increase the chances that people land on the page and navigate it.


People love animation because it is cute and fun. The good thing is they are not too heavy on the page, unlike huge videos that mean the site starts to load slowly. Animation also helps make the page look more dynamic and not flat. If you can entice people to stay on the page or search for more information, it increases your potential for growth.

Adventurous colours

Don’t be afraid to take a risk regarding colours for web pages. There are no rules concerning the use of colours. However, you can’t have a site that has no colour coordination as it might be too overwhelming for visitors. You also need to think of a colour that can serve as your brand. When people remember the shade, they will instantly think of your company.

Unique typography

You also want to use the font style in the same manner as the colour. Think about huge brands out there. Not only will you remember their name, but you also remember the font used on the cover or labels. It shows how effective typography is in advertising. The key is consistency in the use of the said font. You can’t overwhelm the page with different fonts that will confuse visitors. Find a graphic designer who can come up with a unique font instead of using existing fonts.

Embed a video

People don’t want to read lots of text or watch tons of videos. However, they have enough time for a few videos if you can give them something to watch upon opening the page. Consider adding a couple of Animated Videos to your home webpage. As long as the video is of the right length with appropriate content that tells them everything they need to find out about your company, it is good enough. Be creative in creating a video since it can either motivate people to explore the page or make them decide to stop there.

Unique graphics

Pictures are still useful in making the website enticing. You need to use quality photos to tell a story about your company or provide people with ideas about what products you are selling. Avoid using stock photos since they can hurt your chances of promoting your brand. Your target audience can’t relate to these stock photos and will start disengaging. Use pictures of real people who are using the products and service you provide.

Don’t focus only on online campaigns

For all the trends in online marketing, you also need to understand that it is not the only platform to advertise. You need traditional advertising like the use of roll up banners and flyers too. People still appreciate the use of these seemingly obsolete strategies since they are not always online to find more information. You can maximise the opportunity to reach out to those whom you can’t reach online.


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Meredith Weisser

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