The Ultimate Digital Nomad’s Dream

While the actual details which constitute the ultimate digital nomad’s dream may differ, the gist of it remains the same. That gist is that you basically want to live free in every sense of the word, meaning you generate enough money to travel wherever it is your traveller’s heart leads you, but perhaps most importantly, you generate that money in a free manner. It’s passive income and doesn’t require you to sell your time for remuneration and make sure and this is vital that if/when immigrating to a new country that you are prepared.

While this is perhaps the ultimate in ideals, although there are indeed many digital nomads actually making as success out of this chosen way of life, the reality is often quite different to this ultimate ideal. Typically, digital nomads can’t quite seem to strike that perfect balance of effectively earning, travelling and living completely free. In some or other area some regular work has to be completed, sometimes to the tune of more than what the typical nine-to-five worker has to.

There was even one very interesting insert featured on the “Tomorrow Today” show featuring real digital nomads that were working out of a co-working space and the general concern was that a lot of actual work goes on behind the scenes, beyond those blissful pictures taken by the beach with laptops. One freelance writer in particular spoke of how it’s hard to stay focussed without going on Facebook the whole time and you can take it on good authority that this is an all too familiar flow of events.

Getting back to the dynamics of the ultimate dream though, the ideal balance is that of your travels as a digital nomad being funded by an automated online business which is indeed as automated as possible. The popular craze these days is something like a drop-shipping site, which although it requires some management by way of fulfilling orders and just making sure everything is running smoothly, as the owner of such an e-commerce site you could delegate that task and pay someone to manage it for you.

There’s still something which trumps even an automated e-commerce business as the ultimate balancing factor for living out one’s life as a digital nomad though, which is generating your income through property ownership, preferably a property which is located in a place you consider to be your primary country of residence. It could very well be your home country, but indicatively you’d then have someone you trust to manage the property as perhaps a property which generates revenue through short term rental.

The responsibility you’d be delegating to your trusted live-in manager covers everything from something like overseeing the routine pest control services to handling the day to day cash flow. This way you’d even have some solid grounds to be granted a visa to anywhere you want to visit as a digital nomad because a property back home is seen as a solid case for having grounds to eventually return home and not be a burden on the state in which you might otherwise overstay your welcome.



Meredith Weisser

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