The Top 3 Coworking Spaces in the World

It’s no secret that coworking spaces are on the rise. According to a survey from the New York Times, last year approximately 43% people in America reported working remotely at some point. More American employees are now working remotely than ever before. offers a simple definition of coworking:

“coworking” or “co-working,” with a lower-case ‘c’, is a generic word that’s generally used to describe any situation in which two or more people are working in the same place together, but not for the same company.

Coworking is a great alternative to working remotely and serves as a communal hub for entrepreneurs, startups, independent contractors, and others who have the luxury to work from anywhere. Most coworking spaces offer numerous benefits including flexibility, comfortable workspace, networking opportunities, and office amenities which Eden Health discusses further. Coworking spaces make it extremely easy for entrepreneurs and independent professionals today to find affordable office space.

Although there are thousands of coworking spaces around the world, today we’re going to look at our pick for the top 3.

#1 – WeWork, SoHo, New York City

WeWork is notably one of the world’s largest coworking companies and currently has over 270 locations around the world. Although the SoHo location isn’t their biggest space, it’s iconic for the fact that it was the first location opened by WeWork.

WeWork SoHo is located right in the heart of Manhattan and boasts an eclectic space featuring exposed brick, towering columns, and huge windows. Its proximity to major subway lines makes this space a convenient hub for entrepreneurs, creative agencies, and startups. A partnership with the coffee shop on the corner is just one of the many perks members enjoy at this coworking space.

For memberships, as low as $450/month, WeWork SoHo offers an unbeatable location, a vibrant mix of companies, and a strong sense of history. With six floors and hundreds of desks to choose from, there’s always room for innovators and game-changers alike to meet, create, and inspire.

It’s also worth noting that WeWork has paved the way for many other North American coworking spaces, such as ATLAS Workbase in Seattle, Washington. WeWork has set the stage for flexible work spaces and modern professionals across the globe.

#2 – Hubud, Bali, Indonensia

Probably the most aesthetic of all coworking spaces, Bali’s Hubud is a true treasure. Founded in 2013 as Bali’s first coworking space, its consistently been ranked in the top 10 coworking spaces in the world. Monthly memberships range from $30/month to $275/month depending on the package you choose.

You’ve most likely seen this coworking spot all over Instagram. It features an island ambiance with a completely organic café that is situated right along the beach in Bali. Its dynamic environment and unique architecture make it a one-of-a-kind coworking space. Positive vibes flow through the coworking space and it’s very likely you’ll meet your next business partner here.

Members enjoy top-notch internet service, networking opportunities, and numerous retreats each year. Ubud serves as an international headquarters for people from diverse walks of life. They are inspired by ideas, the environment, and each other.

#3 – B Amsterdam, Netherlands

B Amsterdam consists of over 40,000 square meters and three buildings. It’s currently the biggest start-up ecosystem in Europe. It’s unique in that it’s one of the more popular coworking spaces for startups and agencies, not just freelancers. Hundreds of businesses call B Amsterdam home.

This coworking space offers some of the most flexible memberships for people who just need a day-pass or for those looking for an unlimited access experience. Members pay anywhere between 75 euros to 225 euros for monthly plans.

Some special features include event space, meetings rooms, and a rooftop restaurant. B Amsterdam also offers a “startup school” that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs the skills they need to succeed in their particular industry.

B Amsterdam has truly branded itself into a center of innovation in the Netherlands. It’s currently one of the largest tech hubs and continues to grow at a rapid pace. And although the concept of all three buildings in B Amsterdam is the same, the buildings each have a different focus depending on your industry.



Meredith Weisser

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