Tips for an eco-friendlier office

An eco-friendly office is filled with workers who are aware of their social responsibility. They give equal significance to all their actions because no act is too small when it comes to caring for the environment. Know a business that is interested in enhancing its workplace’s ability to become green? Why not introduce them to Promotions Warehouse to get more information on how they can do that?

Tips for making workplaces more sustainable

Putting in place a couple of measures in the office to make it more environmentally friendly never hurt anyone. These tips may be applied to different types of businesses and in different fields.

  1. General tips for the office
  2. Install a complete set of recycling containers and make sure they’re emptied regularly
  3. Encourage the employees to use dishes, glasses, cutlery, and mugs instead of disposables. Alongside helping reduce waste, this also helps to reduce the risks of pests within the building and pest control jackson based companies (or wherever your office is) having to come and deal with the problem.
  4. Get at least one large live plant
  5. Use only green products to clean the office
  6. Go paperless and only print the necessary documents
  7. Ask your customers if they need receipts instead of printing them automatically.
  8. Tips for office supplies
  9. Purchase green products such as staple-less staplers and pens that can be refilled
  10. Cut down or eliminate products that don’t have any green alternatives such as rubber bands
  11. Use products that are made using post-consumer materials i.e. that which has been collected back from previous products and remade into new products such as paper and plastic products
  12. Tips for lighting
  13. Turn off light in rooms when no one is in there. For example, there’s no point in having the lights on in the conference room all day
  14. Replace standard incandescent bulbs with LEDs or compact fluorescent lamps with the help of electrical service providers. You can click here to find a company who can help with this work.
  15. Don’t leave the office lights on overnight
  16. Use bright wall colors that have a higher sheen. These reflect sunlight better and thus there will be less need for overhead lighting.
  17. Tips for heating and cooling
  18. Ensure that the furnace, heat pump, or air conditioning systems are services regularly and working properly. Click here to visit the web site of a company who can help with this.
  19. Use weather stripping and caulking to minimize heat loss through doors and windows.
  20. Always adjust the thermostat setting to lower degrees for when the office is not in use to maximize energy savings
  21. Tips for washrooms
  22. Use cloth towels or hand dryers instead of paper towels.
  23. Old-style toilets require so much water to flush down the toilet. If your office has one of these, place a sand-filled soda bottle inside the water tank so displace a certain amount of water of equal volume when the tank gets filled up.
  24. Always turn taps off completely so that they don’t leak. A dripping tank can waste so much water when you add up all the drops.
  25. Any running toilets should be fixed to avoid wastage of water.
  26. All washroom cleaning products should be eco-friendly


These top office eco-friendly tips are guaranteed to help your business cut on costs as well as enjoy the results of maximum productivity from the employees. As you can see, there are a ton of opportunities for businesses to go green. This piece just presents a few of these that are somewhat easy to implement. Do your research to find out more about other ways of becoming sustainable.

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Meredith Weisser

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