The Top Reasons Why You Could Benefit from Personalised T-Shirts for Promoting Your Business

There are many ways for you to promote your business if you want to get that extra bit of exposure. However, apart from advertising using digital or printed means or joining a trade show or exhibition, there’s something you can do which doesn’t require a lot of resources (financial or otherwise) yet could still give you some great returns. The trend of personalised t-shirt promotion isn’t new; in fact, it’s been used for decades, but it can give you a fantastic boost if you want your company or business to get some much-needed attention. Customised t-shirts can make your brand instantly recognisable, and it’s a great giveaway for customers or a uniform for your employees. So, what else can personalised t-shirts do for your business? Here are the top reasons why you could benefit from personalised t-shirts for promoting your business.

Instant and broad exposure

With personalised t-shirts, you don’t have to say anything to promote your business or brand – your t-shirt does it for you. If someone wears your t-shirt and walks around the town centre or community or anywhere else, anyone seeing it can instantly recognise it and perhaps if you’re lucky, retain what it says. You don’t even have to pay someone to wear it – your employees can wear it at work where customers can see it, and when you give your t-shirts away as prizes or souvenirs, anyone who wears it in public will promote your business without knowing it. No doubt, why more and more businesses seem to adopt this strategy of gifting Custom T-Shirts with their unique brand message or logo to their most loyal customers.

It’s not time-limited

Unlike other promotional strategies where you may have time constraints (such as the amount of time your ad runs in a newspaper or magazine or plays on the radio), having personalised t-shirts doesn’t give you any limitations on time in regard to promotion. As long as someone wears your t-shirt, it will promote your company. Personalised t-shirts give you a brilliant return on your investment because they can be worn for years (based on their durability, of course) and, more importantly, they don’t cost that much to print or have made. There are now also a lot of t-shirt and clothing printing specialists out there who can come up with great designs or help you with the appropriate message for your t-shirts, and provide you with highly-advanced printing methods as well.

They’re better than other personalised items

While you can always opt to give away coffee mugs, pens, or calendars to promote your business, there’s nothing comparable to personalised t-shirts. People can wear them anywhere and everywhere, so you can get a lot of great exposure without even trying. If interested, you can take a step ahead and invest in some jiffy shirts (refer to for more info) that can go well along with other clothes. People might surely be impressed with the choice. Unlike coffee mugs, key chains, pens, mousepads, and the like, t-shirts are often seen in public, which automatically raises awareness for your brand and business, especially if you have a catchy, unique image or graphics.

You can also hire a business providing custom embroidery to get the t-shirts designed with your company logo along with captivating slogans and phrases. A company such as Real Thread or a similar service provider can also give you various options such as standard, metallic, and puff embroidery on wearables like t-shirts, hoodies, caps, jackets, etc.

Use them for employees, at events, and more

An excellent use of personalised t-shirts is for your employees. Your employees and staff can wear personalised t-shirts in your premises, giving your business a more professional, streamlined and reliable look. But you can also use those personalised t-shirts for events; you can have your staff wear them as well as give them away to customers. For example, if you are participating in a sports fest or marathon, having both participants and your staff wear your t-shirts is a great way to get noticed.

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