The Links Between City Living and Better Health

Did you know that where you live can affect your health? The University of Oxford and the University of Hong Kong studied the correlation between living in a city and health and found some interesting results.

The studies found that rates of obesity were lower in places with dense populations, also known as cities. This can be attributed to city folk walking more since their proximity to most of the places they visit are in walking distance. Compare that to people in the suburbs that must drive to most places. They also studied the level of socializing between the two groups and found that city folk tend to socialize more than their suburban counterparts. Having a group of friends is part of a healthy lifestyle as they can keep you accountable when it comes to your health.

We’ve all heard it: Why would you choose to live in a noisy, crowded, urban environment when you could stretch out in the suburbs with all the extra space. While there are positives to the suburban lifestyle, it might not be as good as you think. For more on this, check out the infographic below.



Meredith Weisser

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