The Best Freelance Websites To Find Work

One of my main goals with The Glass Jungle is to make sure that all prospective freelancers have access to the tools they need to find work and build their careers. For remote workers, the web is the best place to source new jobs, but you need to know where to look if you are to find clients who will pay you what you are worth.

Happily, I’m here to help with that. I’ve compiled a short list of some of the top freelancing sites on the web so that you start looking for work.


Upwork is the amalgamation of Elance and oDesk, which were two of the largest and most popular freelancing websites in the world a few years back. Upwork functions in much the same way as oDesk did, though with improved communication tools for users.

You can find work in a ton of different niches on the site, from writing through to graphic design and website development, and there’s always a lot of jobs available. The main issue you will find is that a lot of the more seasoned clients will be wary of offering work to people who haven’t built their reputations on the site.

You can take a few of the free tests to prove your competence, but you may need to spend a little time working below your desired rate before you can start attracting the attention of the best clients. Also be aware that the site will take a percentage of your pay, starting at 20% per client and sliding down to 5% as you do more work for that client.


Freelancer is very similar to Upwork and it’s likely that you will notice a number of suppliers offer their jobs on both sites. Again, there is a wide variety of work available on the site, plus you can switch between searching for work and offering it to others depending on what you need.

In terms of pay, the site is generally a little better than Upwork and it is possible to find high paying work. Payment protection is offered and the fee you pay stays rigid at 10% from the moment you start working with a client.

The only area where the site really falls short in comparison to Upwork is the tests. In Freelancer’s case you will need to pay for each test that you take, which can make it a bit harder to show your credentials if you aren’t willing to invest in yourself a little.

Bunny Inc.

Bunny Inc. is part of a new breed of freelancing sites that are very stringent about the people they allow to use the site. You will need to go through a really rigorous application process just to create a profile on the site and start applying for work.

It’s a fairly limited site at the moment, so it’s only really good for writers, designers and those who can provide dubbing and voice over work. However, I think it’s likely going to expand in the coming years to include more categories.

The upshot is that getting through the application process carries with it a certain amount of prestige. Clients on the site will be more willing to hire you and there is less competition for work as not everybody can get registered on the site. Furthermore, you can use being a successful Bunny Inc. applicant as a bit of a feather in your cap when applying for work elsewhere. Just remember that you are going to have to maintain a high level of quality, which means it may not be the best choice for those who are still building experience.



Meredith Weisser

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