Staying Active at Your Home Office

Whether you work at home or the office making sure you are active enough is a challenge. Home employment can be a great opportunity to blend work and physical activity to stay fit and healthy while you earn your paycheck. Research shows that people who are more active throughout their day are more likely to be healthy than those who have sedentary work-life styles. For a few minutes on the hour, you can stay healthy too.

Standing and Exercise Desks

One of the simplest ways not to sit while you work is to get a standing or exercise desk. If you have a regular table or desk and work on a computer, you can simulate a standing desk by creating a steady pile of books to chest height. Should you find the standing desk to your liking you can buy one that fits your life from any number of online and instore office good suppliers. If you’d like to get more active at your desk you can go further and buy an exercise desk. There are exercise desks available in both standing bicycle and treadmill styles.

Exercise Without the Gym

If you miss the gym while working at home there are quite a few things you can do to bridge the gap. In the absence of an office gym you can buy some versatile equipment like a modular dumbbell. Modular weights can change how much you lift between set with only one minor adjustment and can be used for a full gym experiences.

You can get a good cardio workout in anywhere you go with a little flexibility. If you have flat ground you can start a running and doing jumping jacks. Running up sets of stairs is a fantastic way to get a condensed workout. The internet is a trove of information on how to workout with just your body, a little bit of space and time.

The easiest way to get yourself moving though, is tackling all of your housework while keeping movement in mind. Try marching or jogging instead of walking when moving around your home. Weight belts and packs can make every household chore a workout that you can fit in five and ten minutes at a time. Even standing up every twenty minutes and taking a brisk walk, doing some jumping jacks or a few pushups is all you need to keep the blood flowing.



Meredith Weisser

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