Running a Computer and Accessories Shop in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Driven research which will effectively have you combing through 13-19 years of experience in the provision of computer and accessory sales services, entering into the Dubai business space can make for an exciting new phase in your entrepreneurial development. You will definitely do well to start an integrated online sales service which has a physical location equivalent people can actually walk into and pick goods up to take home.

Here’s how you’d need to approach it.

Based in Dubai-UAE, your business should operate with an aim to continue growing into customers’ dynamic one-stop-shop for all things computer and accessories sales related. To get a good start during the initial phases of your business, mainly the registration and other paperwork, you can take help from firms that specialize in this area – In Zone being one such company that can assist you with the process. Initially, your main area of service will naturally cover the direct online sales of laptop chargers, laptop batteries, laptop bags, printer tonners (ink cartridges) and a wide range of input devices (mouse and keyboards). You should also be looking to get into the content creation space, covering specialised topics such as specific tech usage habits; maybe some careers in the tech space too. You would then resolve to continue to dynamically add to your inventory to ensure your customer base grows, but paying special attention to ensuring your existing customer base gets the latest in computers, equipment and accessories, available right at their fingertips.

Your Computer & Accessories Store Unique Online Shopping Experience

It would probably make for a great idea to start out in the online space, unless you can secure a physical space immediately, because then you can start selling without needing to house inventory. The marketing of your online store should go hand-in-hand with the provision of useful information people can associate with your brand, such as info on how to redeem a 10 no deposit bonus on online casino sites those of your customers can actually access. We know all about how online gambling is not legal in every single country in the world…

At your Dubai-based tech and accessories business, it’ll be all about shoppers enjoying a unique shopping experience. Your online portal will act as a gateway to a selection of the finest brands and quality products, backed by your unwavering focus on providing premium customer service. The shopper should also be in a position to benefit from exclusive deals with huge savings of up to 65% and more. As part of your firm focus on delivering the best online shopping experience around, your customer service will need to cover all three phases of your customers’ interaction with you, including pre-sales consultation to help them find the perfect product for them, in-sales support and post sales service.

The online shopping experience should provide customers with the peace of mind of knowing that your secure payment portal covers all potential security concerns. Any and all personal information must protected along with customers’ privacy, who can make use of your vast collection of useful resources to track their orders, request an installation service or even pay upon delivery of their ordered products.

With additional services such as free returns, you should go out of your way to bring customers the best prices on the best deals, the best post-purchase service, live online support and convenient same-day shipments.

We’ve pretty much handed you a proven business plan specifically tailored to a hot market in Dubai, United Arab Emirates!



Meredith Weisser

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