How to Make Money While You Travel the World

Just a short decade ago, the thought of abandoning your nine-to-five desk job for the sake of seeing the world was beyond impossible. Today, on the other hand, the online world of digital nomads is flourishing and growing bigger as we speak, making it much easier and more attainable to finally make your traveling dreams come true without giving up your income.

Whatever your skillset and your experience may be, there are many ways to turn your knowledge into a decent profit wherever you decide to go. Especially if you have an internet connection to rely on, and a laptop to do your work, but there are all kinds of jobs you can take on to make your travels more comfortable and financially secure.

1.      Freelancing front and center

With a computer and a decent internet connection, the world is literally at your fingertips. No matter your education level, or the amount of time you want to dedicate to working during your travels, you can find a whole range of jobs that are flexible and versatile enough to keep your mind occupied and your wallet full.

From taking on projects as a creative writer, graphic designer, translator, all the way to being someone’s virtual assistant, there are no borders for so many occupations on the rise. The main perks include your ability to set up your schedule and your price, and to work from wherever you go and as often as you please.

2.      Educate on the go

Today, certifications of all sorts go a long way in helping you find some work, and if you do have some skills, make sure to let the locals know and set up a fee that works for both you and your students. You can organize dance lessons, teach a musical instrument, arrange language classes, or offer your services as a yoga instructor, the possibilities are endless, as long as you have a talent and a certificate to rely on.

Preparing students for presentations and entrance exams and teaching English are all very highly valued all over the world, and especially in Asia, while sports of all kinds are loved in Australia, so you can tailor your approach depending on your location and your abilities.

3.      Speak your mind

If you are already well-prepared financially for your travels but you still want to make some extra cash, then taking paid surveys online is one of the easiest ways to earn a profit without investing too much time or effort. You have the freedom to choose from a variety of companies to work for, and you can either earn actual money or a voucher for a particular product.

This may be a slow effort at first, but in time, it can actually become quite lucrative, especially if you dig enough to find the right companies offering the highest rates for more complex and time-consuming surveys.

4.      House and pet sitting

Both an excuse to travel o a new place, and a way to cut your traveling costs, taking care of someone’s home or apartment makes for a simple enough way to earn on the go. The beauty of these arrangements is that you simultaneously have a place to stay, and tips from the owners on where you can find the best and most affordable food and other services for the duration of your stay.

As an animal lover, you can go all over the world to pet and home sit, and although this may mean more responsibility, it also makes the experience more rewarding. Is there anything better than making a furry friend while exploring the globe?

5.      Work on farms

Australia and New Zealand are best-known for their farm work opportunities which are particularly alluring for students during their gap year, as well as backpackers who are eager to get their hands dirty and get a taste of the true local life. The application process may be a little more complex, but the bottom line is that you can find all sorts of fruit picking, caring for cattle, and everyday farm work with crops and in vineyards, and previous experience is always highly valued.

You’ll get a chance to stay with a local family, and certain offers include your daily meals and other perks such as transportation to the nearest city, free internet, and discounts for local events. If you’re a hard worker and you don’t fear to break a sweat, then this is just the thing for you!

6.      Join a cruise crew

No longer a treat reserved for pensioners, cruising has become a favorite way of travel for families and young couples as well, and so the industry has opened up to a whole range of work opportunities. The most sought-after skills include bartending, waiting tables, on-board nurses, photographers, and a wide spectrum of entertainment for kids and grownups.

Magicians, actors, singers, piano players, tennis, yoga, and dance instructors are all very popular on these massive ships, so you’ll have thousands of people to connect with, and visit many exotic places during a single voyage.



Meredith Weisser

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