How to Protect your Customer from Accidents In-Store

As an entrepreneur, you have a certain responsibility of safeguarding your customers from any accident that might take place in your store. One of your priorities should be creating a safe environment for your customers.

There is nothing as frustrating as having a customer slip on your store’s floor or stairs and getting hurt, customers being exposed to hazardous materials or getting injured during a theft.

Although each of these incidents might seem like a potential disaster, it’s important to remember that each of them can be prevented.

Why Customer’s Safety is Important

Improving your store’s safety shouldn’t just be a company’s goal. It should also be part of your personal goals. When customers feel safe in your store and know their safety concerns are always addressed, more sales will go through, and the happier the customers will become.

So, follow these 4 steps.

  1. Use CCTV

CCTV is imperative in stores, and all employees should be trained on how to use it effectively. Video surveillance helps prevent injuries and fatalities in stores. It can also be used to better identify dangerous scenarios before they happen or at least minimise their impact on customers. It’s also great for keeping staff safe and for evidence in the event of a theft, break-in or vandalism.

  1. Try not to keep large amounts of cash in the till

Keeping large amounts of cash in the till could make your store a risk for theft and robbery, and if your customers are in the store when this happens, it could get bad fast. So, instead, make sure you are closing out the register every night and only keeping enough small cash on hand to be able to give refunds or make a change.

  1. Hire a security guard to keep an eye on the business premises

Hire an armed guard or security guard to protect customers from injury or theft in the course of their shopping. In cases of emergencies, security personnel should have the proper training and equipment to protect customers and other civilians effectively. If you own or work in a high-end store, selling the likes of expensive jewellery or tech devices, it’s definitely worth hiring an Unarmed Security Company

  1. Have the right protection

Furthermore, in today’s retail environment, a single accident can cost a business lot of money, sometimes even bankrupting the business entirely or affecting your personal funds if you’re only a small business.

So, make sure you have the right business cover to keep your business and your customers safe. Public liability insurance, as well as any other type of insurance, are going to make sure that you’re also covered against a claim in the event that something happens.

In conclusion, if you are unsure of how safe your store environment is, then you should certainly do a health and safety audit. After all, there are serious reputational and financial risks if you fail to maintain a safe environment. Make sure you do what you can to keep everyone safe.



Meredith Weisser

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