How to print on jute bags

When it comes to jute bags the versatile material, they are made of makes them good candidates for both printing at home and commercially. Whilst the natural material does in general take printing well, the coarse and porous nature of jute means there a few things to consider when it comes to creating the perfect printed bag. In today’s blog, we take a look at how you can effectively print on jute bags.

  • Step 1 create a good stencil for the print

Jute bags are good for printing with stencils as the natural look of the bag works well with more ‘rustic’ designs. When you develop your stencil try using transfer paper as this will allow you to create more interesting designs than you may have first thought.

  • Decide how you want to print the design

The method that you use to print on the jute bag will have a big indicator of how the final design works out. If you are planning on using the stencil method following on from point number one, make sure you use paint that is going to work well with the base colour of the bag and the material it is made of.

Interesting fact, if you use freezer paper you will be able to create a surface on the jute bag which can be done with a standard printer. Attaching the freezer paper to one of the jute bag panels and you can use standard computer software like publisher or word to create your design.

  • Clean the jute bags before you print on them

The porous nature ofjute bags means they can build up dirt over time. This is could seriously impact the quality of your print and jeopardize all of your hard work. To stop this from happening make sure you clean the jute bags before you print on them. If you wash them with water you also need to make sure the jute is dry before you apply a print!

  • Try and go for tight weave jute bags

As mentioned the weave on jute bags can make printing on them difficult. To mitigate this challenge as much as possible, we recommend printing on tight weave jute bags. This will help you get the cleanest possible finish and avoid any paint becoming trapped between the fibres.

Show off your design!

Jute bags are a great product and printing on them can be a good way to get the brand of a small business out there or just have fun. When you have finished printing on your jute bag, make sure you show the design off to friends in person and on social media! This will make sure your creative work does not go unnoticed.



Meredith Weisser

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