How to make your client presents extra special with bespoke packaging this Christmas

Whilst it is true that the thought is the main thing that counts with a Christmas present, many people are missing an opportunity when it comes to the packaging of presents. This can make all the difference when it comes to the packaging for your clients or loved ones. Here are some of the ways that you can make your presents really pop with bespoke packaging this Christmas.

  1. Personalise the colours of the packaging

One of the ways that you can add obvious personalisation to your bespoke packaging is through changing the overall colour scheme. Depending on the relative importance of the client, you can tailor the packaging to their branding and also incorporate some of your own. This will help it to stand out from other gifts and is a good way to spread brand awareness.

  • Make the packaging high quality

When you are sending anything to clients using high-quality materials is essential if you want your business to come across as professional. When ordering custom boxes and packaging, make sure the finish is nice to the touch and the overall look does not appear too tacky.

We recommend going with bespoke packaging in a matte finish as this is versatile and gives you room to manoeuvre when it comes to ribbon, labels and string. 

  • Make the packaging reusable

Depending on the type of gift you are sending, you may have the opportunity to get your brand out there with some reusable packaging. This is a particularly good opportunity if you are sending drinks as a gift. A good quality paper bag with an interesting festive design will add to the present and give your clients an item they can reuse in the future, reminding them of your business.

Get your packaging from an expert manufacturer

Getting the packaging right when sending Christmas presents to your clients is important for maintaining the image quality of your brand and keeping your clients happy. When selecting bespoke packaging, look for a supplier who offers a product in a wide variety of materials and finishes. Also if they can give you extra customisation when it comes to the colours and branding used you will be able to tailor the gift even further.



Meredith Weisser

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