Great Apps to Have Outdoor Adventures with Friends


Technology seems to rule every single aspect of our lives from shopping and dating to work and travel. It has brought tremendous improvements to our existence, but it has also created one major problem we spend too much of our time indoors. With work and house chores, I am lucky if I can manage to be out in the open for more than an hour a day. I have made a promise to myself that I will change this, spend more time outdoors, and have more fun with my friends. Go out for drinks, indulge in some adventure sports, or perhaps watch a game or two of Baseball live. I may have to get cheap Mets tickets and preplan other activities, but I am ready to put extra effort to get out of the house and enjoy my spare time with friends.

Find new activity ideas & never let your friends get bored

Many of us seem to have forgotten how to have fun beyond the screens of our laptops and smartphones. Yet it is exactly our little gadgets that can set us free. They offer plenty of outdoor activity ideas for young people as well as old. You may be able to find apps packed with suggestions for games, sports, and other interesting amusements that will keep you running around in the great outdoors for hours. This is different from virtual games like golf simulators where you can practice the game indoors. Most professionals use golf simulators and launch monitors (go here for more information) for practicing their sport. However, the outdoor game apps referred to in this article aren’t simulations, but rather games that help you get outside in the real world and play. Make that little effort to find the best outdoor activity ideas for adults and you’ll be amazed how many friends will want to join you. Everyone is starved for sunshine these days. You can even find fun outdoor activities for toddlers and keep everyone entertained.

Plan family time outdoors & prevent the kids from staying at home all day long

It’s not just your friends that might need event ideas. Your family time could also benefit from fun games to play outside. My children are often impossible to chase out of the house. Glued to their tablets, their only game ideas belong to the virtual realm. Luckily, family fun can be had anywhere and at any time. You can organize a trip out of town – even camping if you are feeling adventurous enough – or simply find an app that will lay out the rules of a new interesting sport for your kids to compete in. This strategy has helped me find plenty of interesting activities for families and keep my young ones happy and healthy. They have even shed a few pounds and are now at a perfect weight for their age.

Organize outdoor entertainment & never have a dull holiday

The holiday season gives us more time to spend with our loved ones but it’s mildly pointless to do everything at home. Winter is a particularly enjoyable time to be out and about, especially if there is a lot of snow. What can be better than camping when there is snow all around? Nothing, right? Trust me, camping in winter can be an excellent way to get out of the house and explore the outdoors.

You can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of winter while still being close to nature and the warmth of a campfire. But yes, don’t forget to stock up on an adequate amount of dry wood (possibly from a site like Firewood Farm), so that you can keep the winter chills away. Camping, apparently, also happens to be an ideal way to bond with family and friends and create lasting memories. Trust me, my kids just love it. I was able to find many such interesting outdoor activities for tweens with the help of my smartphone. In fact, this resource has proven particularly useful and has given me more than a couple of great ideas. If you’re clueless about what to do in the great outdoors, give it a try.

Best Apps to Organize Outdoor Activities with Friends

You will also be able to find tips for outdoor entertaining and discover new ways of spending quality time out in the open.


There’s no denying that we spend too much time indoors. Adults and kids alike are glued to their gadgets. It’s time to use said gadgets for good. More than a couple of apps are filled with ideas for outdoor activities – sports, games, entertaining – that can bring you, your friends, and your family out into the fresh air. They can even help you burn those extra calories. My overall mood and energy levels have skyrocketed ever since I started making a conscious effort to spend more time outdoors with my friends.



Meredith Weisser

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