Becoming a Full-Time Online Gamer & Traveller

Our conditioning surrounding “safe” career paths to follow has fully infiltrated the world of remote workers as well, with many people who identify as so-called digital nomads really just working remotely by completing jobs which are not at all unlike regular 9-5 hustles. It’s perhaps time to look beyond convention and perhaps entertain what would otherwise incorrectly go down as ideas for earning money more remotely which are a bit crazier than usual, such as how you could perhaps become a full-time online gambler and traveller.

It’s definitely possible and here are the steps you can take in order to make it a reality:

Establish the income source first

If you have some savings and a plan to live frugally, perhaps hopping from hostel to hostel and using the free Wi-Fi to generate your online gambling income, then that’s probably the only instance in which you could take the leap and just go for it, with the view of figuring things out while on the road. If that’s not the case however, then you should establish your online gambling income source prior to taking off.

A site like is a firm favourite amongst established, full-time online gamblers, simply because it’s one of the genuine sites around that offer players a real chance to win some good money. You’re not really chasing the big jackpots as a full-time online gambler though. Rather, you’d be looking at developing strategies which earn you money from online gambling sites slowly and steadily, all the time giving yourself the chance to win the big jackpots as well, of course. It’s more about the strategy as opposed to leaving things to blind luck, because luck runs out eventually.

Building up passive income channels

A good betting strategy will often be enough to have the serious budding, pro online gambler earning a steady income via their online betting exploits, but you want to take it further than that and create some passive income streams, especially if you’re going to be travelling. If for example you’ll find yourself in a country where all forms of gambling are illegal, like China for instance, the e-book you wrote about some of your best winning strategies would make for the source of income which you’ll rely on while you’re out of action yourself.

Monetising the whole lifestyle

There’s so much money to be made out of the entire lifestyle of full-time online gambling paired with travelling, so you should endeavour to do so via the likes of blogging and vlogging, collaborating with sponsors, marketing, etc.

Diversifying your income streams

Don’t fall into the trap of matching your expenditure with your implied lifestyle. It can appear to be a very glamorous life that of a pro gambler, but the gambling industry as a whole is designed to make you feel like a celebrity with deeper pockets than you actually have. If you manage to generate a steady flow of income from your winnings or if you hit the big-time now and then, diversify your income streams by perhaps investing some of that money in totally unrelated markets.



Meredith Weisser

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