Creating the freedom to work as a Digital Nomad

Freeing oneself up to work remotely while travelling the world has become an increasingly popular lifestyle choice. Many individuals look to create as much freedom as possible and this often manifests in an alternative working routine. For those working in a predominantly online environment, the appeal to work as a digital nomad has grown increasingly attractive. The practicality and convenience of technology enables people to work from anywhere in the world with just a few essentials.

The business landscape is changing, and technology is making it increasingly possible for one to engage in work productively while appreciating new surroundings and exploring new places.

How does one balance work and travel?

Digital nomads aim to create a comprehensive lifestyle where professionalism is maintained while achieving self-fulfillment through a sense of adventure and relaxation. This is certainly becoming a trend in this day and age, especially due to the ease of mobility, accompanied by diverse technology.

Creating freedom to work in an environment of your choice allows for healthier thinking and pensive decision-making. Breaking free from your 9-to-5 obligations and traveling the world opens up a world of oppertunities and will expose you to new experiences, certain difficulties, personal challenges and opportunities to be placed outside of your comfort zone.

Getting around as a nomad

While living the life of a digital nomad may sound incredibly attractive, it is important to prepare thoroughly. This preparation includes ensuring that have considered any potential obstacles and assessed how you will overcome them. More often than not, this is travel, accommodation, and budget.

One thing nomads love about working while traveling is that they can travel how they please as long as it is within their means. Those just starting on the journey should ask how much does it cost to fly a private jet or a minibus and the cost of staying in their preferred accomodation in order to plan their work around it. If the travel service, hotel, or airport offers wi-fi then a savvy nomad can work and travel at the same time without having to spend too much on internet and phone access.

Starting off on a small budget can limit your options in terms of where to go and stay. However, there are still enticing options for frugal travelers, such as traveling and working out of a camper van which you can buy second-hand or rent from sites like Again, it is all about thorough preparation and assessing potential problems in order to get the perfect work-life balance.

Creating the freedom

Living the lifestyle of a digital nomad requires a firm hand on cash flow management. Many people pack up and sell all their belongings to generate the capital to start this adventure and reduce the stress of having to be concerned about one’s belongings. However, there is an additional effective way of creating this freedom to travel that does not require you to sacrifice your hard-earned assets that you may have future use for.

Self storage provides the perfect solution to free yourself up to travel and work remotely without the hassle of worrying about your possessions. The use of self storage allows you the opportunity to store your items in a safe and secure facility at a location of your convenience, ready for you to access whenever you return.

Most storage facilities like Boombox Storage (, for example, offer delivery services to help you in transporting your possessions to their unit. It could relieve you of the responsibility of carrying all of them to a particular destination. Plus, you will be saving extra cash too! So, all you have to do is narrow down the particular unit that meets your criteria, and call or schedule an appointment with them. Following that, they can pick up the items and keep them secure for you while you enjoy your nomadic life.

Also, self-storage offers you an opportunity to declutter, which makes renting your home out on the likes of Airbnb is much easier. Why not let your home make you some cash while you are abroad!

The convenience of flexible leases and a variety of unit sizes means that you only need to pay for the space that you need. The affordable price of storage units allow you to forget about selling everything and keep your hard-earned assets safe while you are away.

It is true what they say, the world is your oyster. With incredible technological advancements making it easy to communicate globally, and self storage providing a safe space for your belongings, you can have the freedom to live the life of a digital nomad stress-free.



Meredith Weisser

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