Coworking Space – A Guide to Co-working Space in Auckland


Auckland’s rich, diverse population has given the city a face-lift, reinvigorating its economy. For natives of the city, you live in a city that offers its residents great nightlife and plenty of opportunities to experience the tapestry of cultures that make up its cultural fabric. However, when the play is over, the work begins.

For Auckland residents, there are plenty of opportunities to earn a living working in any number of industries that can be found supporting the city’s economy. Among the many industries that have made Auckland home, the serviced office industry is one that has definitely benefited from this city’s boon, more specifically, coworking spaces. The coworking communities have established themselves as a hub in this popular enclave, and as more businesses are finding cost-effective ways to manage their companies, coworking continues to be a popular choice.

Keep reading to learn more about how coworking in Auckland can benefit your business and help you become a part of the New Zealand business community.

Leasing Profile 

Coworking space Auckland can be described as a diverse collection of communities. In its inception, the co-working space was the home to the start-ups, smaller businesses and the self-employed. Today, the industry has grown to include SMEs, and as larger conglomerates see the benefit of shared space communities, they too are adopting this office format.

A few of the reasons the coworking space is popular with these populations relate to the plan’s flexibility. A great coworking space plan offers its renters the type of flexibility that allows them to move, to travel and to expand effortlessly. For businesses operating on a limited budget, coworking spaces alleviate many of the factors that can encumber a business and limiting its ability to grow.

The Search

In looking for an appropriate space, professionals could easily get caught up in the whole trendy factor that seems to describe this working style. However, smart businesses take inventory of their own needs and then seek out spaces that cater to their business needs. For example, green businesses have carved out niche co-working spaces in some cities. These coworking spots are attractive to environmentally-friendly businesses because the office’s mission supports an agenda that aligns with the business.

Some niche organisations will ask prospective renters to interview for spots, but once you are in, your business has the advantage of being surrounded by others with the same goals in mind. While you do not necessarily have to seek out a niche co-working space, you want to find a place that encourages and promotes networking opportunities because these opportunities are going to be the foundation of collaboration and partnership opportunities.  Ultimately, these communities will help raise your business’s profile.

The Community

Above all, those searching for an appropriate coworking space should make sure the community does, in fact, follow up on its promise to help you engage the coworking community. Before committing, test the space to see the types of interactions that professionals have in the community. Some of the activities that many of the better spots provide their professionals include formal networking events, conferences, and social events that have little to do with work but break the ice.

For the business, these engagements are central to making connections within the coworking community and in Auckland’s greater business community, meeting mentors, and establishing their business. More significantly, all of these contacts translate into business growth and raising your business’s profile in the community. In Auckland’s burgeoning coworking scene, missing out on engaging with other professionals is like throwing opportunity away.

Maximising Your Coworking Space In Auckland

Typically, a great space affords you all of these amenities and support. Businesses who adopt the coworking space format almost always find that the community serves as a base of support while they nurture their business’s growth. More importantly, with all these tools in your hand, you can carve out space in the community for your business.



Meredith Weisser

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