Bring A Slice Of Your Business To Every Tradeshow

Your first impression is everything, especially if this is your first trade show stand. Your stand is sometimes the only impression potential customers get of your products, services, and your company before they decide to do business with you. You need to give customers an inspiring, exciting experience that is a small slice of your business itself.

As a suggestion, you can give your customers custom magnets with the logo of your company in the form of a giveaway. This is because, if you don’t make at least a decent impression, you may not lose customers, but you certainly won’t gain any either. Also, if the design, lighting, and the architecture of your booth don’t reflect the quality of your business, you’re going to lose valuable time and money. Here are 6 recommendations on how avoid these pitfalls and successfully present your tradeshow stand.

Recommendation # 1 Use Big Text:

It goes without saying that there will be a lot of people at the tradeshow. Make sure your important text is large enough to read from far away.

Recommendation # 2 Use Warm Lighting:

Too dark and you’ll drive you’ll drive customers away, too bright and you’ll overwhelm them. The best choice is to point soft, inviting light onto your focal areas. You should choose yellow hued bulbs, which produce a warmer light.

Recommendation # 3 Use Your Logo Liberally:

Many of the tradeshow attenders will be seeing your graphics and logo for the first time. You need to a consistent brand image; so don’t be afraid to use your graphics and logo. There’s a fine line between brand image and saturation, so don’t skimp, but don’t overwhelm them either.

Recommendation # 4 Use The “K.I.S.S.” principle:

Keep it simple!! Like the previous tip, you should avoid confusing your customers with overly busy designs. Use Only three colors in your design, more would be overwhelming.

Recommendation # 5 Be Up-Front:

This is not the time to be clever or complex, the product or service you provide should be obvious clear in your booth exhibition design.

Recommendation # 6: Give Quality Giveaways:

Avoid giveaways that are small and cheap, because that reflects your business. Give away useful products that pertain to your product.Quality giveaways indicate quality products and services.

These Tips Are Just One Aspect Of Your Trade Show Stand

But this is only one step to having an inviting and interesting booth that attracts customers. The actual construct of your booth needs to impress the crowd. Essentially if your booth doesn’t look sleek and state of the art, you’ll lose customers.One way to avoid losing customers is to have a booth that looks and feels permanent; a booth and stand has the feel of a workspace. This way, you’re not only advertising, but you’re giving your customers an accurate idea of what your company represents.

Modular trade show stands don’t look temporary, they give the look and feel of permanence, but they’re easy to disassemble, store and move. Modular systems have a number of components to choose from. For example, the Envoy system offers walls, counters, benches, tables, lamps, canopies, unique workspaces and much more. You just choose the components that suit your goal and business, and then you arrange them in a visually impressive way. Customers will think you’ve magically beamed a fully functioning workspace; and in a way you did! Your modular system trade show stand is a functional, movable slice of your business.



Meredith Weisser

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