All about the data: Advanced TV strategies for your market plan

In the digital age, TV is transforming – and with it, so is TV marketing. With this in mind, here are a few ways you might incorporate advanced TV strategies into your marketing plan.

Use third party data to reach households and the right audience

The segmentation of the television landscape, as well as an increase in people ditching cable television in favour of advanced television and OTT, has resulted in a change in television viewing. Marketers today have access to a bigger amount and variety of data than ever.

Brands may benefit from data partners that can yield significant data and unrivalled access to customer insights. These data segments are easily available inside platforms, are linked to households, and can be deployed on all over-the-top TV, including connected TV and addressable linear TV. This enables advertisers to target the proper audience with their multiple platform/cross-screen TV advertising strategies.

You may leverage your marketing by targeting the right consumer demographic, and a large number of people too, allowing your company to reach a larger audience in a smaller time frame.

Deliver content with a cross-screen approach

Data driven television advertising these days allows brands to enhance and reinforce their messages to specific groups, fostering brand loyalty or educating new customers, and ultimately driving sales.  Cross-screen advertising has the ability to move consumers deeper into the marketing funnel, increasing their chances of conversion. It has resulted in substantially different consumer demands and behaviours, as well as viewing patterns, allowing advertisers to target and reach audiences in any location and on any device they are using.

Advertisers can target, develop, implement, and measure different types of TV media using modern TV services. Businesses may engage customers at crucial points in the purchase process by delivering their message to all television sets and devices, resulting in a higher return on ad expenditure.

Additionally, businesses can also use ads to attract clients to return to the company. For instance, they can look into or similar service providers to get a screen for their business premises that can provide basic entertainment to clients along with flashing a few company ads here and there. These screens can also be used to display discounts, coupons, special series, etc.

Track analytics

Most OTT platforms offer analytics with various types of data depending on positioning and customer targeting, but some sophisticated TV platforms merely supply data and impressions. It’s vital for your organisation to understand the success and effects of your sophisticated TV advertising. You may use the data provided by OTT platforms to supplement your key performance metrics.

Develop an integrated and unique market plan

A well-coordinated use of numerous marketing methods that complement one another should be formed into an integrated marketing plan to meet specific company objectives.

Because great content enhances the effect of video, having a focused, compelling OTT strategy is crucial. While some advertisers may succeed by widening their appeal and building a diversified audience over time, others may succeed as desired niche items.

Leverage and repurpose advanced TV content

Marketers can reuse and leverage their existing content and ad material by using advanced TV advertising. This marketing strategy comprises repurposing material to deliver on a new service or network in a different way, which allows you to save time and reach a far larger audience pool than you would with other platforms.

You can link your advertising to existing content on your internet platform if your organisation or business already has it.

Overall, there are many ways to incorporate advanced TV advertising strategies into your marketing plan. With these things in mind, you will be able to keep your marketing strategy up-to-date.



Meredith Weisser

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