The Glass Jungle started as a means for me to build awareness about the Digital Nomad Academy, while also allowing me to connect with fellow freelancers and share my experiences with them. Over the last few years it has also become a valuable source of income for me, in addition to being a wellspring of advice and information for the site’s visitors.

That’s why I’ve made the decision to incorporate advertising into the site. Doing so allows me to expose my readers to products, tools, programs and services that can benefit them, plus I’m helping businesses like yours along the way.

Interested? I hope so. Here are a few of the many benefits of forming an advertising partnership with The Glass Jungle.

Reaching The Right People

Most businesses can recount horror stories of marketing campaigns that earned very little for them because they appealed to the wrong people. As great as your product is, marketing to those who can’t make use of it will do you no good. That’s where The Glass Jungle can help. The site experiences 12,000 unique visits every single month, but the most important thing is that these hits come from people who want to find products and services that can help them move forward in their careers as freelancers and remote workers. If your business fits that bill, advertising with us means you place yourself in front of an exceptionally relevant audience that is growing all the time.

Build Your Business

Finding new customers is important to the growth of any business, so you should consider every marketing opportunity that comes your way. Advertising online is a great way to reach an audience that you may have struggled to connect with through traditional methods. By placing an ad with us you give yourself the opportunity to not only build your business, but to bring it further into the digital age so it can evolve alongside the needs of your customers.

Strengthen Your Brand

A strong brand is crucial in business because it makes you recognizable. A lot of work goes into building a brand, including establishing a company ethos, ensuring your services reach expectations, plus all of the design work that is required to pull people in. Furthermore, building an audience and getting the word out there is crucial. We can help you build your brand by making sure your message gets to those who need to hear it. Better yet, our flexible advertising packages allow you to use your logos, brand colors, and design philosophies in your online ads.

It’s Really Easy

A lot of online advertising programs can feel like chores. There’s no two ways around it. You will end up spending a lot of your time tweaking ads, building quality scores and making keyword adjustments if you use an advertising service like Google AdWords to build your brand online. However, if you advertise with The Glass Jungle, all of that hard work is done for you. We will handle all of the technical issues that lie behind the adverts our visitors see, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your ads are being overseen by people who have your best interests in mind. The time you save can be invested into your business, ensuring you can satisfy the customers your adverts drive towards you.

How does that sound? Pretty good we hope, and there’s far more besides. If you would like to talk to me about what we can do to make sure your business gets the exposure it needs please use the form below. Our packages are flexible and I always try to cater to my advertising partner’s needs.