6 simple yet effective marketing strategies for start-ups

Are you thinking about opening your own business? You are going to be in for a wild ride! Once you have your products ready to go, it’s time to consider your marketing strategies. The right marketing tools can put you in touch with the perfect customers. Don’t just consider marketing in one area. Focus your efforts on all areas, including in the physical and online world. That way your start-up can be the best it can be. Here are 6 marketing strategies for you to consider.

  • Invest in keywords

In the online world, the key to success will be in your keywords. Nowadays, people want to rank on various search engines for different types of keywords. Let’s say you had a shoe store. You may want to rank for red shoes. Therefore, you may also use an extra term like shoes that are red. Hire an SEO expert that can optimize your website with categories and landing pages that have the right keywords listed on it.

  • Optimize your content

Nowadays, if you want to market your products, it’s crucial that you have an optimized blog page that shows off your best buys. Every day, customers will look up specific marketing questions about a range of different topics. You should address these questions in your blog. That way it is more likely that a random customer will naturally stumble across your blog. One stumble could lead to them taking a look at your products if they think you know your stuff!

  • Research your target audience

What type of audience is your start-up aiming at? There’s no point in creating a start-up if you don’t know who actually wants to buy your product. Make sure to do your research, in the form of surveys, questionnaires, and polls. You can also make use of TV viewership data with the help of analytics companies like Samba TV to understand your audience’s interest. Such data in research can enable you to create better marketing campaigns.

  • OOH advertising

Don’t just confine your advertising to the internet! Instead, think about how you can use the physical world to inspire your audience. Nowadays, “out of house” advertisements can be placed on billboards, vehicles, kiosks and bus shelters. They can be mobile or can be completely virtual. If you need help thinking about how you are going to do your OOH advertising, make sure to look at specialists like Clear Start. They can advise you on how to move forward.

  • Be approachable

Whether you use email or social media marketing, don’t just act like a corporate machine that wants to make money. Instead, give your company a story and act like a human towards your customers. This includes speaking to your clients over social media to answer their questions.

  •  Google Ads

Don’t just limit yourself to the standard commercial on random websites, use Google Ads to bring your best products to life. You can advertise your brand on Facebook or place it as a YouTube commercial. You can even have influencers talk about your product because you have sponsored their videos! This is simple yet effective and can do so much for your brand.

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Meredith Weisser

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