5 Steps to Successfully Train Raw Employees into Successful Professionals

It is the most common of occurrences to hire what looks like a very promising prospect that will grow with your company, but then leaves 1 year and a half later for someplace else offering a 20% increase in their salary. This is especially true with young dreamers between the ages of 20 and 35. At that point in their lives they have been trained to think throughout school and college to strive and become entrepreneurs, not to be 8 hour office employees. A big problem for companies that continuously need to hire new people and fail to keep a experienced team to help lead the company forward.

William Hill online is a company with more than 80 years in the sports betting industry, their development program is one could help motivate, emotionally grow and nurture the love of work in your new employees.

1. Induction Process

Create an induction program that includes a sit-down to watch a video or presentation of the company. Give the employee a general review of the company history, your industry, what happened in the past, what is happening now, and what are the goals and plans for the future. Give them a pack filled with essential information and maybe a copy of the presentation that they can refer back to, as well as their employee ID badges that can gain them access into the relevant areas, etc.

Many companies stop here, but the training program should be continuous throughout the entire career.

2. E Learning & Open Courses

Create a general folder accessible through the intranet or online on a private website. These folders will include all types of e-learning courses that can be purchased online or simple videos or texts created by experienced employees in your company. It is an excellent way to pass on abilities and knowledge that have been acquired in the past on what works and what doesn’t. Anything from managing advanced spread sheets to specific technical skills in your industry.

New workers will come with some abilities that can be of great use for the overall company, but they could also lack some resourceful skill. Instead of relying on them to go out and study after work, safe between 30 to 60 minutes during work time a couple of times a week to enhance their skills. Program the educational periods and test to keep the program going. Even more seasoned employees might want to consider taking a training course. Getting all the employees together for a program like Participate’s communal learning, not only has them learn, but it also brings them together by working together.

William Hill also has what they call “The Master Class”, a full day training program with in-depth secrets and special skills are revealed to their employees.

3. Academy Programs

For those key employees that remain in time and have shown passion for their work, provide some academy programs that could be given by external colleges, academies or universities. The company could fund the program partially or in full.

The academic programs are given with the goal of moving the employee one step above their current professional status. A salesman will now become a manager as he or she has acquired the experience in the field necessary to fill out the position instead of hiring someone from the blue.

4. Service Experience Training

It is not all about arming your team with the proper skills, emotional training is also required so they learn to manage the real people they are selling the products or services to. William Hill calls this program “The William Hill Way”, a program designed to teach how to provide an outstanding service in their niche.

5. From Student to Master

Now that you’ve trained your team and each has acquired an advanced professional status, it’s time for them to become the teacher and train the newcomers. Becoming the role model will put them in a new situation of responsibility that will greatly enhance their personal skills. Knowledge will now come from their inner-self instead of outside influence, and it doesn’t get any better than this.

Nothing makes a happier employee than the feeling of belonging to a true family of co-workers in which they can thrive without having to look elsewhere anymore.



Meredith Weisser

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