4 of the best ways to use jute bags in your business

If you are a retail company, then getting the right bags for your business could make the difference between your brand taking off with customers and falling into disregard. One of the ways that many shops choose to emphasise their green image is through the use of quality jute bags. These are recyclable products that focus on the high-quality and bespoke feel that paper bags can offer with the right material and handle design.

These types of paper bags offer some interesting benefits over standard brown ones. Here we take a look at some of the different ways you can use jute bags for the maximum business benefit for your retail stores. 

  1. Include intricate and tasteful designs on your jute bags

Getting the design right on your jute bag can be a challenge, particularly if you are not working with a graphic designer. Whilst it may seem like a hefty additional cost, we recommend getting expert help when designing the jute bag, and always design with the end customer in mind. This will increase the chances of your bags being reused by customers, provided you also implement number 2 on the list.

  1. Make your jute bags strong and reusable

Once you have got the design of the paper bags right, make sure they are produced from quality material. Your jute bags need to be able to carry a strong load multiple times. If they cannot do this, it doesn’t matter how aesthetically appealing the design is. When working with the manufacturer, make sure the handles are well bonded and the bottom of the bag is solid around the seams.

  1. Distribute your jute bags for free with select purchases

One way that you could add to the exclusivity of your jute bag is by making it only available with a few select purchases. These added quality products will be well received by customers, even more so if they are not expecting them. This plan works well if you are a store that is aiming for the luxury market with your products.

  1. Make your jute bags recyclable

Number 4 on our list may be one of the most important. We are well aware that customers who prefer paper bags do so in part because of their perceived environmental friendliness. If you want to fully benefit from this phenomenon, you have to make your jute bags recyclable. Doing this will make sure they are well received with customers.

Another way you can benefit from the increasing focus on the environment is through making your jute bags out of recycled materials. This will also make you more environmentally friendly as a business.

Invest in quality jute bags for the maximum value

Whilst jute bags have the potential to offer a quality feel for customers, you need to make sure the overall build quality is good enough. You can do this by making your jute bag purchases through an expert supplier such as ecommerce wholesale suppliers like Abound. A good manufacturer will be able to offer you customisation options when it comes to logos, colours and a whole host of other areas. Why not click this over here now and search what types of jute bags Abound have to offer.



Meredith Weisser

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